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Case Studies

At R-3 Solutions, we make sure every job meets our “triple bottom line” project objectives. In short, we want our work to make people happy, comfortable, and safe. We want our work to reduce waste and helps the planet. Third, our solutions help our customers save money and extend the lifespan of their infrastructure. Here are a few ways we’ve helped our customer save.

Steelcase Health, Mineral Recliner


  • The piece shown in this case faced several issues:
  • Nurses complained about the aesthetics
  • Infection prevention was problematic with exposed wood
  • Seat cushion was failing and causing patients pain, especially after surgery.
  • Material was worn and ripped in several places.
  • Paint was chipped or faded.
  • Parts are missing and/or broken.


  • Nurses were ecstatic about new aesthetic and PCV-free Vinyl material.
  • Faded paint was powder coated for longer durability.
  • Every nut and bolt was tightened and/or replaced if missing.
  • Wood arms were recovered with new foam and PCV-free Vinyl
  • Seat cushion was replaced with new foam for better patient comfort and old foam was recycled.
  • Profit: This customer saved $1,175 on this chair.
  • Long term plan is to revive this piece at least one more cycle, resulting in almost $470,000 in total lifetime savings for all recliners in the hospital
  • Each piece is given a product tag that supplies manufacturer, part #, R3S part #, material used, date of remanufacture.