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Upholsterer working on commercial furniture, Grand Rapids, MI

Why R3

West Michigan’s Reupholsters & Remanufacturers of Healthcare & Office Furniture, Marine & Automobiles

R3 Solutions is a family-owned business in Grand Rapids, MI that focuses on sustainability and refurbishment of commercial furniture and specialty furnishings for the marine and automotive sectors. R3 doesn’t just look to replace material on your furniture but revives the piece, rethinking about materials used, construction, and purpose, in order to restore the piece to fit your specific needs.

Improve the appearance of your facility, save money and reduce your environmental impact! You could save 50% or more of the cost to replace a new piece of furniture.

The R3 Process:

before and after shot of couch being reupholstered in Grand Rapids, MIRestore:
R3 first looks at what it takes to bring your furniture back to its original form including fabric, structure, and hardware.

Our talented team looks for solutions to improve function, life-cycle, and safety while keeping in mind current and long term use.

R3 utilizes top of the line materials to breathe new life into your piece.

Our Mission Is The Triple Bottom Line:

With every project, we aim to add value to our clients’ business across three dimensions:


  • Mental/Emotional
  • Physical
  • Public Goodwill


  • Low VOC Emissions
  • Carbon Footprint
  • No Landfill


  • Refresh vs Replacement
  • 30 – 50% savings

How to Get Started

  • R3 will schedule/complete an audit of your facility
  • R3 will review and recommend furniture for reupholstery
  • Choose what materials to use for your project
  • Schedule R3 to pick up your furniture, restore it, and deliver it back to you

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