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Automotive reupholstery represented by automotive seat headrest, grand rapids mi


We serve a wide range of clientele, from hospitals and dental offices, to commercial businesses that rely on fantastic furnishings to present a professional environment. Here are a few of the markets we serve:


healthcare reupholstery represented by dental chair covered in vinyl grand rapids miHealthcare re upholstery and re manufacturing requires a knowledge of durable medical fabrics and construction to create lasting results that can handle high traffic use. We are deeply knowledgeable about the material needs of this industry and offer a wide range of antimicrobial products designed to keep your work environment sanitary and easy to clean. In addition, we’re experts at restoring the mechanical elements of working healthcare equipment and furnishings to industry specification. From hospitals to dental offices, we’ve got you covered. Read more,  Contact us for samples or an estimate, or use our Online Quote system.

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Hospitality Industry

hospitality reupholstery shown as photo of restaurant booth, grand rapids miThe hospitality industry, including casinos, restaurants, and hotels, present unique fabrication demands that R3 is well qualified to meet. Whether its refurbishing fixed elements such as bar or wall upholstery, or prefabricating and reinstalling restaurant booths, R3 offers cost-effective updates that will keep your facility fresh and aesthetically pleasing to your customers. We offer an extensive selection of contemporary and classic textiles and vinyls that will beautify your environment. Contact us for samples or an estimate, or use our Online Quote system.

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institutional upholstery represented by image of library, grand rapids miGovernment facilities, corporations, educational institutions, places of worship and community gathering all require cost-effective re upholstery, restoration, and maintenance. From our inventory tagging and management programs to long-term life-cycle staging, we can assist you in your facility management with stable, incremental contracts that ensure your facility furnishings are maintained to the highest standard. Contact us for samples or an estimate, or use our Online Quote system.

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