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Local Dental Office

April 11th, 2017 by Ima Admin

This dental chair makeover saved the client 70% over new, included a new foam core, and featured Silica material for longevity and capacity to withstand sanitization.

Cost savings: Greater than a 70% savings over purchasing a new chair and that includes the purchase of a new seat core (foam and plastic).

Quick turnaround: One week turnaround on the complete office (10) chairs and (9) stools.

Longevity of the material

  • Silica, 365,000 double rubs
  • bleach cleanable with a 4:1 ratio compared to typical 10:1
  • Ink and stain resistant

Upgrades to original manufacturers design

  • Lock nuts to prevent loose seats after years of vibration
  • Plastic welding in some areas where plasic mold has cracked
  • Reduced seams for better cleaniliness and new/updated look