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Steelcase Health, Mineral Recliner

April 12th, 2017 by Ima Admin

This faded, chipped chair posed comfort, sanitization, and aesthetic issues. We “renewed and improved”  it with new foam, powder-coating, and PVC-free vinyl.


  • Nurses complaining about the aesthetics
  • Infection prevention problem with exposed wood grain
  • Difficult to clean
  • Seat cushion was failing and causing patients discomfort
  • Material was worn and ripped in several places
  • Paint was chipped or faded
  • Parts were missing or broken

 Our Solutions

  • Wood arms were recovered with new foam and PVC-free vinyl
  • Seat cushion was replaced with new foam for better patient comfort
  • Old foam was recycled
  • Faded paint was powder-coated for longer durability
  • Every nut and bolt was tightened and / or replaced if missing
  • This customer saved $1,175 on this chair
  • Long-term plan is to revive this piece at at least one more cycle, resulting in almost $470,000 in total lifetime savings for all recliners in the hospital
  • Nurses were ecstatic about the new aesthetic and PVC-free vinyl material
  • Each piece is given a product tag that supplies manufacturer, part number, R3 part number, material used, and date of remanufacture